These poor kids……..the day I shot them it was about 30 degrees, but SO WINDY!  We couldn’t reschedule because some of them were from out of town.  The location we had planned on was on top of a hill, and there was NO WAY that was going to work.  So we hiked down as low as we could get………..and shivered, and shot.  It was miserable!  The kids were shaking, my hands were numb, we were trying to hurry, the light was bad…..ugh!  But, wow!  I was pleasantly surprised at how well everything worked out. 

And wouldn’t you know it?  The next day was mild and sunny!  Sometimes, you just go with what you’ve got, and laugh later.

And there are always out-takes when shooting a group………..

I love this one, because these little guys were freezing……so the cuddling was keeping them warm!…………….right?

And after the group, the individuals………the easy part……….whew


Catholic Central Senior

I’ve been editing like crazy, and slacking on the blogging because I’m finishing up Seniors and still in the midst of the Christmas rush, but I decided to take some time out and share some of my favorites from a session I just completed editing.  I loved all the shots, but I had to narrow it down.  I just picked a few that would show her personality, which I adored!! Not only is she a gorgeous girl who’s got a great personality, but her whole family is fantastic.  I was completely impressed by the way they interacted and was glad to get the opportunity to have some time with them. Her little sister and brothers held reflectors during the shoot, and kept us laughing the whole time…..they were so much fun!  And this is why I love my job.


Steubenville Senior Sneak Peek

I really wish I could take full credit for these photos, but I just can’t.  This gorgeous girl just made my job way too easy.  Just look at her, have you ever seen eyes like that?  I mean really…… top off this face, I don’t think I had to put her into any poses, she did everything just naturally, just too easy.  Oh, it gets better, the lighting was perfect, her mom was the perfect assistant (how much do you charge an hour Debbie?)  and the location was divine.  This is why I love my job!


Adorable Kids

So last week I shot this gorgeous baby and her proud big brother.    Her mom had a TON of cute headbands and little tutu’s, I was loving them.  All I needed was a baby that wasn’t crying while big brother was being good………..cause you see, big brother was good, and baby was good, just not at the same time!  Three hours later, (or three and half?) I think we got maybe one or two of them being good together….whew!  So even though mom probably won’t like this one, I just adore it!

And I was loving her super cool green couch, it wouldn’t work in my house….but I loved it anyway!  Maybe I should get one just for pictures!

And who doesn’t love a little angel with a pacifier?


Senior Sneak Peek

Oh my gosh, I’ve been gone for a month and now I have a TON of editing to do.  Everyone who’s waiting for pics from my vacation is going to have to wait just a little longer, until the kids are back in school and I’ve had some time to go through them, AND after I’m done with my client’s photos. 

So the other day I had such an awesome time photographing this senior.  We met at his house and then headed out to a few locations.  His cousins were at the house too, and threatened to come watch…..which they did.   His mom did a little assisting for me (okay, a lot of assisting, and she did a GREAT job)  and I took a TON  more pictures than I usually do.  Anyway, Brandon, here’s a sneak peek for you, your gallery will be uploaded in the next couple days.  Enjoy!



I took my daughter out into the bottom pasture to take advantage of some evening light.  I had to coax her, but once she decided to help me out, she was really cooperative.  The next thing I knew she was saying, “Mom, take a picture of me with a flower in my mouth!  Mom, take a picture of me spinning,!  Mom, take a picture of me hiding behind a tree!  Mom, take a picture of me smelling a flower!”  Maybe she was a little TOO into it!  Anyway, some of these are my picks, and some of these are hers! LOL


All About Babies

This week’s challenge over at  is “All About Babies”  This is one of my favorite shots of this little 7 day old angel.  Head on over to to iheartfaces to see all the adorable pictures there!

I Heart Faces - Photo Challenges, Tutorials and Tips



This week’s challenge over at is “Yellow” and that’s exactly what I think of when I look at this picture, so it’s my entry for this week.  She was a sweet little one year old girl sitting next to me at a poetry reading for my son’s third grade class, she was just a cutie and I had to snap some shots of her.   Head on over to the website and check out all the other entries, there are great photos there!  What a cheerful week of pictures this will be!I Heart Faces - Photo Challenges, Tutorials and Tips


I Heart Faces, “Faces and Flowers” challenge


This week’s challenge over at I heart faces is  “Faces and Flowers”.  I Heart Faces - Photo Challenges, Tutorials and TipsI like this picture because whenever I’m trying to get perfect expressions from my daughter, she has her own ideas!  Which, of course, is why I love this shot.  Head over to  I Heart Faces and check out all the other entries!