Playing with actions


So forever, I’ve been doing everything in Photoshop the long way.  I finally decided to try out some actions.  So I downloaded some from Pioneer Woman and Coffeshop and thought I’d show some of my favorites.  I started with this pic, which is pretty much straight out of the camera, except I cloned out some of the jelly sandwich that was around her mouth and a little scratch (from the cat) on her cheek.  LOL  anyway, here’s where I started…

And here is the photo after running Coffe Shop’s action Soft Autumn glow.  Kinda cool, but I like the others to come better.

Now here’s the picture after running Coffe Shop’s Splendor black and white….

And here it is with the same action from Coffe Shop…Splendor black and white except I tweaked some of the layers and came up with this, which I think is my favorite of the ones here.

And finally here is an action from Pioneer Woman called Seventies…….I kind of like this too…..although you can get this same effect if you lay your pictures out in the sun and let them fade for about 35 years……….

Anyway, just having some fun with actions, thought I’d let everyone in on it♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

2 thoughts on “Playing with actions”

  1. Awesome pictures. We used to have a photo editing program on the computer (not a very good one I don’t think) and I liked playing around with the different filters on it. This makes me wish we still had it.


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