Catholic Central Senior Sneak Peek

We got lucky with this photo session, the weather had been rainy and cold just the day before but it must have cleared up just for us!  This young lady was very quiet at the beginning of our session, but somewhere along the way she just lit up and started to get chatty and comfortable.   Those are moments that I love.  In fact, near the end of the session we were shooting away and her mom had to remind us it was time to quit!  Imagine that…….it’s hard for me to stop when the lighting is just right and my subject is having fun…….I think it’s some sort of photography disease!  Anyway, here are a couple sneak peeks for you Katie (one of the sweetest teenagers I’ve met in a long time)……enjoy!

This was the first picture of the evening, her mom wanted a picture of her under a tree in their backyard which had been transplanted from their previous home when she was just a baby. 

This shot was one I couldn’t pass up.  The ground here was completely covered in glorious maple leaves which I had to get in the shot. 

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