Merry Christmas

Well, it’s been a crazy Christmas season……..I just started my shopping this week.  And I had given up on the idea of taking a Christmas picture of my kids, but then a few days ago I just decided to do.  I grabbed some clothes, laid them out for the kids and ambushed them when they came home from school.  I promised them Christmas cookies if they quickly changed and cooperated……..they were eager to oblige me…………until………….we got outside, where it was cold.  Yep like 32 degrees, and they weren’t dressed for cold… within minutes, someone got grumpy, someone called someone else fatty…….someone punched someone, someone cried….someone wouldn’t stand next to someone…….Oh, yep, I’m telling on my kids.  Anyway….the bribing worked to get them outside, to finish up the pictures I had to resort to threats.  I think I promised them no video games for the rest of their lives or some such thing…it’s all a blur.

Here are my boys…..Ethan, Sheldon and Jackson……..


And my girls, Parker and Sydney……

And aren’t they good?……Don’t you believe that they are having fun here?……LOL


So, I got my Christmas pictures, but really I”m out of time and probably won’t be sending them in cards this year.  So here’s a thank you to all my clients!  I’m grateful that you’ve let me share your lives this year!  Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

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