Working on the studio……

So , many of you know that although I’ve been primarily an on location photographer, I’ve been talking about opening a studio.  I still hope to do most of my shoots outside, because I love the creative possibilities and the endless amount of backdrops, the lighting challenges, but I have wanted to have a place where I can meet with clients, so they can see large prints hanging on a wall, touch albums and other products.  This will also give me a space to shoot newborns and babies…..I’m very excited.   So, here is what my kids and I have been doing………

Here are my girls, painting my sign…..

I think the blue fingernail polish helps with the creativity……..

And….the finished sign…..soon to be hanging in front of the studio……….

This is the front room where I will meet with clients and they can place orders….the wall was covered in pine paneling and the doorway had been enclosed years ago….

I enlisted the help of my kids….two of my sons hauling the pine paneling out to the truck……

My girls cleaning up a little……

Back home with a truck full of wood, my crew……….

And, I thought the whole work-day was going to cost me just a bag of twizzlers for my kids……however, now I am out a truck window…….sheesh…..and it was the last piece of wood, little man got a little too excited and threw it into the truck.  Ah well……..we had a good day.

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