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September Senior Special

Okay, I jumped the gun a little on announcing this, just to give everyone a chance before the dates fill up.  Yep, you’re reading it right, no session fee for studio sessions for seniors in September.  Here are the details:

Your session must be in the studio, and in September.

You WILL have to pay a $50 retainer to hold your spot…..this is to make sure everyone has a chance for a session.  It’s not fair to anyone if my book fills up and I have to turn people away, and then someone doesn’t show up for their session.

When you order your photos, your $50 is credited to the amount.  If you don’t like any of your pictures and don’t want to order any….you get your $50 back. (But THAT’S not gonna happen cause I know you’re gonna love em   😉 )

Simple!  So call or email me soon…once my dates fill up….that’s it!   740-314-7976  or email :

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