For My Brother

Dear Daniel,

Thanksgiving Day I was anxiously checking Facebook because I knew everyone was at Mom’s except me and my family, I wanted to be there.  Late in the day FINALLY someone posted some pictures, and I laughed when I saw the giant table snaking through the family room

I scrolled through some more pictures and saw one of Brooklyn in her tee shirt that said:  Only Child expires 2013……..I laughed some more.  Dang I wish I had been there for that announcement.

The next day I got a text from mom saying Brooklyn had a tumor on her kidney.  And then the bottom fell out of everything.  More and more bad news, more and more texts saying worse and worse things.  Mom trying to talk to me on the phone, but who can talk when they are crying?

We are Disselkamps!  We love each other so fiercely!  We are special…..so how can this happen????

Daniel, you are my baby brother, I rocked you for hours when you had colic as a baby, I helped shoo you to bed on Christmas Eve so Santa could come, I tied your shoes, I worried about you when you were sick.  I still can scarcely believe you are married with a baby, so how is it that now your baby has cancer?  How are you going to make it?

Every parent’s nightmare is getting the news you got.  And your nightmare got worse after every test was done…..you have always had the biggest heart of all of us……and the biggest hearts break the hardest.

When I saw you at the hospital…..and we sobbed in each other’s arms….and I told you I would take it all away if I could……I meant it.  My heart is breaking for you.  It’s agony to see someone you love in so much pain.  It’s agony not to be able to take it away.

But….there are 13 of us, and Disselkamps are strong.  And we love each other.  Remember when you said to mom, “Momma, I need you to work one of your miracles”?…….it’s because you know it can happen, and we’re going to help.

Sitting in the family room at the hospital, we talked about the help you and Erin are going to need.  You’re going to have to be off work.  You have bills to pay.  Mom said, “As soon as every test is in, and the doctors make the game plan, and we know exactly what we are facing, and what the treatment is going to be, we are going to sit down with Dan and Erin and and her parents and we’re going to determine what needs to be done.  We are going to make sure they don’t hurt for money, they are NOT going to lose their house if they can’t work.”  So Daniel, rest easier and concentrate on your sweet sunshine, and let us do the rest.

Remember when I told you before I left the hospital, “Don’t be disappointed if your prayers don’t end in an instant miracle.  Sometimes those prayers are answered in little ways, like the fact that Brooklyn’s team of doctors is now headed up by the Chief of Oncology at Kosair Children’t Hospital.”……..that’s a prayer answered Daniel, you couldn’t ask for better care than that.

You have 12 brothers and sisters, and we have your back.  We won’t give up this fight.  We are Disselkamps…….we are Brooklyn Believers!  We love you three……you are our hearts.

Your big sister……Selina

And for anyone who would like to help my baby brother and his little family, please donate to them, even the smallest amount will help.  This is going to be a long, hard fight.  Please help them.


26 thoughts on “For My Brother”

  1. I am so sorry for your families pain Selina, my heart hurts for them. I will pray for this sweet little girls recovery. If you need anything please let me know. xoxo


  2. Very True Selina. One detail you forgot to add…………………there are more than 13 Disselkamp’s and WE are all strong and WE are ALL going to be there for Brooklyn, Erin and Daniel. WE all have your back!


  3. Selina, our class is going to spiritually adopt your brother’s family! We will pray for them everyday! God will never turn his back on the prayers of his little ones…And we are persistent!


  4. Selina, I live in a small town on the Ohio River….in July the young son of a friend was diagnosed with leukemia and at one point he was existing minute by minute…….my town came together and held a huge prayer vigil for this child and his family and truly a miracle happened……his leukemia went into remission…..he was discharged from the hospital and sent home……this same little boy is now running and playing as if nothing had ever happened!!!!! Prayers,faith and believe in God;s healing hands will help you guys…….for myself I will remember your brother and his family in my prayers daily. Please keep all of us informed a to how things are doing.


  5. Selina I am not a Dissselkamp, But like y’all We are the Smith’s and we are praying for Brooklyn. The extended family of Christ is out here and we here your your cry. We will keep Brooklyn in our prayers and your brothers family and yours daily. What you wrote is so beautiful your family must be so special. God Bless you all during this time.
    Cyndi Smith


  6. I’m hoping EVERY PERSON who reads this story will forward (the link) to friends and family members with giving hearts. We all have so many blessings in our lives, it’s important to pay it forward and give when you can.


  7. Selina and the Phillips family….I have know 2 kids from our own town that had neuroblastomas…and today are beautiful, healthy children. This will all work according to God’s plan for them. Brooklyn looks like a strong, healthy girl… no one is ever given more than they can handle, so says our faith. Your family must be so strong to have been given this cross to bear. In our thoughts and prayers for Advent and as long as it takes for her miracle to come!
    Liz Borden


  8. Selina, we are related to Erin (we are Cecil’s from Howrdstown) just know we too are sending lots of love, hugs, prayers and strength for this journey.


  9. Selina,

    What you wrote is beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. I will pray for you all. I know your family is strong and you will all be strong together. Thinking of you and your family and praying for sweet Brooklyn to be healed.

    Friend of Gabrielle,



  10. My husband works with Daniel and our hearts are broken for all of you. We are praying for you all constantly and we BELIEVE that Brooklyn will be healed. Our God is a mighty God and HE is bigger than any cancer.


  11. selina, my heart goes out to you and your Family.. thoughts and prayers are with you and your family 🙂 GOD BLESS YOU ALL..


  12. I went to school with Daniel and he was a great guy. It broke my heart to read this. I just dont understand why these beautiful kids have to fight this sickness. Just dosent seem right. I know God can do anything and as long as we leave4 it to him and pray he will take care of her. I am a mother of 3 kids and cant imagine the pain they are going through. I will def be praying for her and the whole family.


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