If you know me at all…you know I love shooting seniors.  They’re usually so ready to have a good time and they are up for trying new things………………so when you’re Lexi…..who’s fun, smart, up for that chilly shot…..AND gorgeous….well it just makes my job so easy!!!  I wouldn’t have the lovely pictures I do, without my gorgeous and handsome seniors…..truly.  There’s beauty in every face, and I want all my seniors to see their beauty.  Lexi…..I hope you see yours!  Enjoy!!

Lexi-10 copyweb Lexi-9 copyweb Lexi-4 copyweb

Lexi-11 copyweb

Lexi-15 copyweb

Lexi-45 copyweb

Lexi-36 copyweb

Lexi-35 copyweb


Lexi-21 copyweb

Lexi-56 copyweb

Lexi-63 copyweb

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