Life’s perfect moments………….

I have neglected updating my blog….I think my excuse is that I’ve been super busy……but I just couldn’t pass up posting this picture. So here’s a quick story. I promise it’s quick… šŸ˜‰

If you know me well, you know I am the second oldest in a family of 13 children, and you would know that I am the only one who moved far away from home. You know that my two year old niece Brooklyn is battling cancer and I hate that I cant be there more to help more…..you might know that every day I miss my family, and wish I could be there all the time….but I can’t. So on September 1st, when I became an Aunt for the 19th time, I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it down to Kentucky to take pictures of my new nephew. School just started, senior photo season is in full swing, I’m behind on editing……But then………my mother emailed me the sweetest picture of Evan. And that feeling one gets, that lump in the throat that’s actually in the chest….yep it happened to me.

And so I went to Kentucky to take pictures and meet him. And he is perfect. Watching my little brother and sister in law take care of him…that was perfect. And while I was taking his pictures, none other than Brooklyn herself (okay maybe her mom helped) face timed Eric (my brother) but I got to talk to her and see her hair growing back in, and she got to see Evan, and it was one of lifes perfect little moments.

So….Im back home, and still behind on editing, but still thinking about my family’s blessings. So meet Evan William Disselkamp. One of life’s perfect moments.

IMG_4568 copyfb

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