I seriously have been slacking on updating the blog, I’ve been soo busy!  It’s senior grad card season and I am pretty much sitting in front of a computer all day while I tweak everyone’s cards and get them ordered.  So it was a fun break to do this shoot and edit it.  She is as lovely as she can be, and needed some head-shots for her pageant events (I’m clueless about this sort of thing).  I do want to point out her makeup….she had it professionally done before coming to the studio, I think it’s perfection.  Girls……..it seriously makes a difference!!!  Obviously at her age, Lili doesn’t wear makeup on a daily basis, but for this situation it was needed, and was spot on.

I posted a few of my favorites, a few of her mom’s favorites…..Thanks girls for a fun night!  I adore this first one, it reminds me of a mischievous fairy in the woods….



I love the look she is giving me in the picture below..



This last pose was her idea……she had to teach me all about posing for pageant pictures…like I said…I know nothing 😉


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