Say “Yes” To Our Kids

At the risk of catching a lot of negative feedback, I’m going to get a little political (which I never do) on here.  But this truly is important, so here goes:

If you are eligible to vote in the Edison Local School District……….PLEASE vote “FOR” issue 2 on May 6th.

Wait…….don’t hang up………..Let me tell you a story.    I have lived in the Edison Local School District for approximately 8 years.  My children do not attend Edison Local Schools, they attend Steubenville Catholic Central, Bishop Mussio Jr. High and Bishop Mussio Elementary.  Consequently, I didn’t know much about the school district, I did hear a lot of negative feedback about a Superintendent.  Then I heard a lot of negative feedback about the next superintendent, and actually had to deal with him, with always negative results.  I voted NO on all the Levies.


During a discussion telling  a friend, who’s children attend the same school, that I voted no on the levies, the response I heard was, “I ALWAYS vote yes on those types of things, it’s for the kids”   I was ashamed.  My friend was right.

That spring, when my son ran Jr. High Track, the first meet we attended at Stanton, I (and many of the parents around me)  were amazed at how much smaller the Edison track team was.  We discussed it, and then I realized…….It’s because they have to pay to play!!!  Because Edison hasn’t been able to get a Levy passed, the kids are suffering.  It was right before my eyes.  I felt horrible, I was one of those people that voted no.

As a photographer with a business in the Edison School District, I’ve shot senior photos, and talked with many Edison parents; I was shocked at how many Edison High School kids are now home-schooled (online) because Edison cannot afford to run buses for the high school.  And being a large rural school district, no-body here is walking to school.  (well, maybe three or four kids, you get my point).  I wasn’t as ashamed at this point, because I did vote yes the last time, yet still, I thought, “the levy failed to pass by 16 votes….yes……16…….what could I have done to help get 16 more votes….?

And then, I met the current Superintendent.  Bill Beattie.  I knew nothing of him, I don’t know if his jokes are funny or if he grills a mean burger on Saturday, but I do know, Every time I call him, if he isn’t  immediately available, he always returns my calls.  ASAP.   You see, I have a child who receives a scholarship for his additional needs, and although the money doesn’t come from Edison, because my son resides in the district, Edison handles all the paperwork, along with the school he does attend.  Mr. Beattie doesn’t gain anything from taking care of my childs needs.  However, he, and other Edison employees have repeatedly told me, “Whatever it takes….he’s one of our kids”

I’m telling you…….I GET what you’re thinking…..a string of superintendents that people haven’t been happy with has made a lot of people say, “I’m not voting for THAT kind of leadership”.

BUT………….Mr. Beattie, and his staff, truly truly care about our Edison kids.   I know, if we just give him the funds, he won’t disappoint you.  Give this administration some money and time to change things.  I feel certain it will happen.

If you live in the Edison School District and you’re voting no because you home-school or your kids attend another school, and you’re thinking “Why should I give more money to a school district I don’t use?”……..stop for a minute and think…….these kids are OUR COMMUNITY’S FUTURE………these are your neighbors, and your friends.  These kids have nothing to do with anyone’s unhappiness with this school district.

And by the way…….NO school system is perfect.  I’ve lived in a lot of different districts, they all have faults.  One thing I believe about this school district is they really do care about these kids.

Please, share this post with all your friends if you’re reading this.  And VOTE FOR issue 2 on Tuesday May 6th.  I’m going to………can I get 16 more “Yes’s?”

And here are a few Edison kids…….they would probably say yes…….






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